Choosing Better Paving Contractors

Choosing Better Paving Contractors

  • Levees and Retaining Walls: Why Coat Them in Asphalt?

    Most levees and retaining walls are just massive concrete walls. Yet, there are ways of reinforcing the concrete so that it can withstand greater amounts of water and pressure. For example (and you may not have know this), levees and retaining walls can be coated in a thick layer of asphalt. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider this the next time you need to build a levee or retaining wall for your property.

  • 3 Tips For Pouring Concrete In Hot Weather

    Pouring a concrete slab is a simple enough procedure that many people choose to undertake it on their own. Unfortunately, amateurs often fail to appreciate the role that weather plays in the way concrete cures—especially when it's hot outside. If you would like to learn more about how to ensure successful concrete installation, read on. This article will provide three tips for pouring concrete in hot weather. Be prepared to add more water—and more cement.

  • Do's And Don'ts Of Rejuvenating Your Grocery Store's Parking Lot And Its Landscaping

    If you have been put in charge of rejuvenating the look of your family-owned grocery store's parking lot and its landscaping, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many things you can do to ensure a visually pleasing result for your customers. By updating the look of your grocery store's parking lot, you provide a more inviting look for potential customers who drive by your location. Additionally, you show your existing customers that you care about your business and how it looks.

  • How To Resurface Your Concrete Sidewalk

    Resurfacing a concrete sidewalk is not a daunting process.  It can be the answer to cracks and holes that can appear over time. With resurfacing, the unsightly pits and cracks will disappear as long as the cracks aren't all the way through to the ground surface. Here are some ways to repair your sidewalk so you don't risk tripping over the cracks. Materials and Tools Needed Concrete Resurfacer Duct tape or Weather Stripping  Pressure Washer Trowel Hammer Chisel Large Bucket Concrete Edger Safety Goggles Work Gloves Four Steps 

  • Surviving Pavement Hazards

    Life is full of dangers. You can be injured by just getting out of bed awkwardly in the morning. You shouldn't have to worry about some hazards, though, including having your car swallowed by a pothole or being pulled off the road by crumbling asphalt. Until your community pays to have the roads and municipal parking lots fixed, you can take steps to make your pavement time safer. Reporting When you encounter a paving hazard, report it to your local municipality.

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    Choosing Better Paving Contractors

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